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The ideas exchanged during these meetings and the brainstorming that takes place result in better understanding and improving our line of products and help us innovate and develop further new models.

Many of our highly successful items are a direct result of us being a good listener to our customers' proposals and needs during these debates.

To always keep a hi-end look and feel of our products, an extensive hi-end, meticulously produced range of catalogues, leaflets, TV adds,posters and banners indoor & outdoor are shown and distributed.

Even our promotional items and catalogues are designed & printed in Lebanon, a country well known around the globe for its hi-end and quality press printers.

Manufacturing plants

With such a huge variety of products of different material, colors, standards and models, we have come up with a production scheme that can allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers and the rapid changes of taste and market demands. We know the simple truth: no one alone can master all the details of different manufacturing processes and techniques.

That is why manufacturing is distributed over several countries and several factories within the same country. We always commission the best to produce the best, so that we can, in turn, deliver the best to our clients.

Egypt, Taiwan, Korea, Italy, and china are among many countries, from where we get our raw materials, components, machines and final products.

We have a dedicated team and an office in China whose sole job is to supervise and closely follow up production to insure only the highest quality standards are followed by the suppliers.


Designing, manufacturing, shipping, promoting, marketing, warehousing, logistics, sales, delivery, accounting, after sale service and all operations are managed by highly skilled logistic teams and human resources personnel.

These teams are faced daily with challenging coordination tasks, which they have to tackle to satisfy our customers and guarantee that they get what they need on time, every time.

Heading every business sector, a meticulously chosen, highly devoted and dedicated leader is responsible for spreading the values of the company and making sure that all employees abide by these values..

Most of the staff who started their professions in our company are still working with us for over 25 years. Many siblings of existing employees have started working for our company too.

Product testing certificates

All our products are fully tested and conforming to all corresponding quality certificates. See our web site for full details of the quality certificates of each line of products. A list of general & private projects for each country that approved and installed our products can be obtained separately on request.

  1. Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality (EOS)
  2. General Organizations for Exports & Imports Control (GOEIC)
  3. Guangzhou Vkan Certification & Testing Co. ltd (CVC)
  4. Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong ltd
  5. Guangzhou Testing & Inspection Institute for Household Electrical Appliances (GTIHEA)

Our New Factory

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Main Office

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Industrial Zone 2, B2, N.27J
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